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Samsoe Samsoe

Samsøe Samsøe dates back to 1993, when the Samsøe brothers opened a small namesake jewellery shop in Copenhagen’s Latin Quarter. The label soon expanded to include premium T-shirts and knitwear, primarily for men. In 2000, Peter Sextus and Per-Ulrik Andersen took over of the brand, transforming it into an international fashion house focusing on contemporary clothes, footwear and accessories for men and women.
With a nod to its Scandinavian heritage, Samsøe Samsøe is defined by a wearable aesthetic that combines the utilitarian ease of Copenhagen street style with a quintessentially Scandinavian spirit. Collections transcend trends, drawing on Denmark’s renowned design tradition to result in minimalist, affordable and accessible fashion.
Sera Coat Black
Naya Jacket Angora
Vicky Crew Neck Oatmeal
Amaris Dress Sharkskin
Amaris Dress Brown Sugar
Elsa Boots Low Black
Jaci Turtleneck Grey Mel
Keik Scarf Vibrant Green
Keik Scarf Pristine
Nola Turtleneck Maui Blue
Anour O-N Jumper Delicioso
Nor O-N Short Jumper Delicioso
Velma Scarf Stripes Green
Velma Scarf Stripes Multi
Astrid Coat
Kai Trousers Angora
Haven Blazer Vibrant Green
Milly Shirt Zebra Delicioso