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Pajarolimon Jewelry

Pajarolimon is a timeless brand, owned by sisters Marcela and Natalia represented on their treasures with the exclusivity of its techniques, designs and materials.

Each of their creations are statement pieces that seek to highlight the luxury on details, delicate shapes, outstanding designs and handmade techniques ̈

The brands’ DNA is reflected on each of their pieces, which more than a trend are fashion with essence and balance.

Soda Coca Cola Charm
Tulipan Earrings
Lol Naboo Bracelet
Soda Ares Necklace
Petunia Hoop Earrings
Circular Espica Bracelet
Circular Espica Necklace
Soda Romano Bracelet
Soda Coca Cola Earrings
Soda Fanta Charm
Soda Ginger Necklace
Lol Naboo Earrings
Margarita Bracelet
Alirios Earrings
Petunia Necklace
Heart Break Necklace
Hydra Necklace
IKon Sumi Necklace
Lol Naboo Necklace
Soda Sprite Necklace
Soda Sprite Love Necklace