Our Story

A very warm welcome. We are Sally & Rachel, founders of Sass and Edge.


We opened the doors to Sass & Edge four years ago as a joint venture to pursue our love for all things fashion and style.

We are both friends and old colleagues with a history in fashion and retail, and over the years we have shared many ‘retail therapy’ days - we absolutely love clothes shopping! Originally from Winchester, we agreed that it was often hard to find the style and clothing that we loved in our local area, and we always ended up having to go further afield to London for our fashion fix. 

Although full of gorgeous independents, we both felt there was a place in the Winchester market for a different boutique experience, where shopping was a little less serious and a lot more fun. Often fuelled by plenty of wine and laughter we spend a majority of our week on the shop floor with our lovely customers, which is where our hearts lie.

After several glasses of wine on a very cold, damp January day the idea for Sass & Edge was born.

About the founders


I’ve worked for several different independent retailers and I absolutely love the boutique experience that small local shops can provide. I’ve always loved helping other women find and express their own unique style. Prior to opening Sass & Edge I worked as a stylist for a well known lifestyle brand. I am a very creative person and, according to Sally, I’m also very messy, and a control freak.


Rachel and I both share the same love for helping other women find gorgeous clothing that expresses their own style and personality. I have spent most of my career in retail, having worked for blue chip companies in management positions and then most recently managing the same well known Lifestyle brand which is where Rachel and I first started working together! Like Rachel I am also creative, some say a control freak, but I am definitely the tidy one! Perhaps that’s what makes us a winning combination?! (We think it seems to work)

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