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Orelia LUXE

Introducing Orelia LUXE, a collection of fine jewellery which is 925 sterling silver based and either 18 carat or 925 silver plated. Fashion focused, this beautiful collection stays true to Orelia signature style with an added touch of luxury. All products come in a ready-to-give gift box. Discover sterling huggie hoops, tusk necklaces and crystal detailed jewellery in the Orelia LUXE collection. 
Orelia LUXE Coin Charm Necklace
Orelia LUXE Coin Charm Hoop Earrings
Orelia LUXE Pave Lightening Short Necklace
Orelia LUXE Pave Star Short Necklace
Orelia LUXE Crescent Charm Slider Bracelet
Orelia LUXE Crescent Charm Necklace Silver
Orelia Luxe Short Spear Necklace - White Opal
Orelia Luxe Short Spear Necklace - Emerald Green
Oreli LUXE Pave Cresent Charm Short Necklace