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Charlotte Sparre

Charlotte Sparre is known for her ”quirky” and unique prints with fantastic combinations of colour.
As a teen, she had won several local drawing competitions and decided with only her second collection that she would draw and paint the signature prints that are now the brand's DNA herself.

Each of Charlotte's collections is based on a theme, this being a topical issue such as global warming, human rights, peace, life, love etc. You are almost certain to find unique interpretations of hearts, peace signs, skulls, crosses, endangered animals and plants among the prints in the collection.

In her collections, Charlotte Sparre places high demands on aesthetics and sustainability.
95% of the materials she works with are sustainable or natural materials, with silk representing about 65%. The silks are hand-printed using the traditional method of silk-printing, using only the best dyes of course. To ensure good working conditions, most of the collection is produced in South Korea, which ranks among the best silk-printing nations, as well as in Portugal.

Charlotte wants the girl wearing her designs to feel beautiful and unique, while appreciating the brand’s exclusive qualities, aesthetic and ideas.